Supplier:  Holland Sport Boat Centre
 Zuiderzeeweg 2
 NL-1095 KG Amsterdam
 Tel 0031 (0) 20 694 75 27
Last change:  29.5.2020
Price (EUR):  9.099,00 VAT included
Model Year:  new
Length:  2,79 m / 9,15 fuss
Beam:  1,18 m
Max. draft:  0,01 m
Condition:  as new
Material hull:  Polyethylene
Trailer:  without trailer
Internal Number:  1428755
Equipment: Performing tricks has never been easier and more fun - thanks to the SPARK TRIXX's exclusive options. Performing tricks has never been easier and more fun - thanks to the SPARK TRIXX's exclusive options. This is by far the most exciting and attractive new jet ski for next summer. ROTAX 900 HO ACE Compact and lightweight, the Rotax 900 HO ACE features impressive fuel economy for more time on the water and less time at the filling station, offering smooth acceleration and an excellent horsepower/weight ratio. VARIABLE TRIMMING SYSTEM (VTS) WITH EXTENDED RANGE With this exclusive Sea-Doo option you can take your nose even higher into the air and let the vessel dive even deeper into the water. This means that performing tricks is even more fun and easier. FOOTWEARS The footrests offer greater stability and confidence in different upright cruising positions. Easier to perform professional tricks. HANDLEBAR WITH ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR RISER By adjusting the steering wheel you will experience your personal sailing style the best. The various positions of the steering wheel allow you to make optimum use of the sailing characteristics and manoeuvre easily, regardless of the water conditions. SPACE FOR 2 OR 3 Whether you want to take a leisurely trip on the water for two or give your machine the track, the Sea-Doo SPARK is available in 2 or 3 person versions. INTELLIGENT BRAKE & REVERSE (iBR) Thanks to the exclusive Sea-Doo iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system of the second generation, you will come to a standstill much sooner. This significantly increases the feeling of safety. What's more, it offers better control and maneuverability. POLYTEC MATERIAL This innovative and impact-resistant material reduces the weight of the Sea-Doo SPARK, allowing it to deliver top performance. In addition, the coloured edge makes the material more resistant to scratches than fiberglass. INTELLIGENT THROTTLE CONTROL (iTC) Choose between faster or smoother acceleration thanks to the Sport mode, available on Rotax 900 HO ACE models, and Touring mode, available on all models. CLOSED COOLING CIRCUIT This technology prevents corrosive salt water or harmful dirt from entering the engine, providing greater reliability and peace of mind.